Bear Grylls Survival Race

August & September 

Location: Cambridge, Manchester & London 

Distance: 5km, 10km or 30km

Registration fee: 5km - £35 / 10km - £50 / 30km - £85 

Minimum Sponsorship: 5km - £150 / 10km - £200 / 30km - £400 

An all-new obstacle race designed by Bear Grylls and his team. With three distances, this is perfect for the first timer or anyone who feels like a real challenge. Not your average Obstacle Race, with a number of survival like twists you can take on this event on your own or if you prefer, in a team.

5KM Race: Make your way through the 5K course with 20+ obstacles and 2+ BG Survival Challenges - transporting you from everyday life to a brand new environment and survival situations in our themed Survival Zones. Battle the elements of the Desert, Arctic, Jungle, and Mountain through our BG bespoke Obstacles and Survival Challenges - testing your ability to endure a range of real-world survival scenarios.

10KM Race:Make your way through the 10K course with 35+ obstacles and 4+ BG Survival Challenges - transporting you from everyday life to a brand new environment and survival situations in our themed Survival Zones. This is the perfect course for those who may be new to the survival world, but want to release their inner Bear and smash fitness goals along the way! 

Ultimate Survivor Race: Created by Bear Grylls and his team of mountain and Survival experts, this is a course like no other. You will make your way through the 30k course with 100+ Obstacles and 10 Survival Challenges in each of our Survival Zones – each one as difficult as the next. You will need to keep moving! This is the 30Km race which truly separates the Ultimate Survivors from the Survivors.

Dates and Locations 

5th August - Cambridge: 5km & 10km 

9th September - Manchester: 5km & 10km 

29th September - London: 5km & 10km 

1st October - London: Ultmate Survivor 30km 

Join Team BSF

To register simply email with the event and location you would like to take part in. You will then be provide you with details of how to pay your registration fee and entry codes.

Already have your own place?

We would love you to join Team BSF, just email  with your details for your fundraising pack and BSF running vest. 

Every single penny you raise will be used for research into skin disease and skin cancer.




We will provide you with: 

  • A full fundraising pack to help you raise as much money as possible
  • A training pack tailored according to your ability
  • An exclusive British Skin Foundation vest
  • Frequent communication to check your progress
  • Lisa (our communications officer) to help you let your local media know what you're up to to try and drum up support in your community
  • Kelly (our fundraising officer) on hand via telephone, email or face to face over a cup of tea to provide any additional information or motivation you may need
  • Access to other supporters so you can share your experiences with others as well as the BSF