Saharan Mini Adventure 

3rd - 7th November 

Location: Quarzazate, Morocco 

Registration fee: £99

Minimum Sponsorship option: £1550

Self-Funding option:  £775 + Raise as much sponsorship as possible

A challenging trek against the backdrop of the awe-inspiring Sahara Desert, this short but adventurous trip offers a bite-sized desert experience.

From flat desert floor scattered with ancient fossils, to perfect wind-blown sand-dunes, this trek is diverse and demanding. The vast, unforgiving desert is a truly beautiful place to discover, while the incredible star-strewn night skies are unforgettable, especially with a new moon.

Accompanied by Berber guides and a small caravan of camels, the remote night-camps with camp-fires and Berber singing are often a real highlight of the trip!

How to Register 

To take part in this event for the BSF and raise vital funds for research into skin disease and skin cancer simply CLICK HERE and select to take part for the British Skin Foundation 


If you have any questions about fundraising please contact Kelly on 020 7391 6088 or 

If you have specific questions about the challenge please contact the challenge organisers, for contact details please click here

Looking for More of a Challenge? 

If this trip appeals to you but you are looking for something slightly tougher and longer take a look at the Sahara Desert Trek which Discover Adventure also has to offer. 

We will provide you with:
  • A full fundraising pack to help you raise as much money as possible
  • A training pack tailored according to your ability
  • An exclusive British Skin Foundation vest
  • Frequent communication to check your progress
  • Lisa (our communications officer) to help you let your local media know what you're up to to try and drum up support in your community
  • Kelly (our events manager) on hand via telephone, email or face to face over a cup of tea to provide any additional information or motivation you may need
  • Access to other supporters so you can share your experiences with others as well as the BSF