Treks taking place in the UK and Overseas in 2018

If you are keen to take on a trekking challenge we have many on offer for you. Taking place across the UK and overseas, you can experience intense one day challenges such as TrekFest: The Peaks or incredible once in a lifetime treks as Everest Base Camp

If you can’t find a trek quite right for you please get in touch with Kelly on or 020 7391 6088 who will help you to find your ideal challenge.

               The Alps Trek              13th June - 17th June 

                  Snowdon Trek                       22nd Sept - 23rd Sept

           Everest Base Camp        15th November - 2nd December 

             Trekfest: The Peaks        1st September

                   Inca Trail Trek                          9th - 18th November 

Find a Trekking Challenge in the UK or Overseas 
We will provide you with:
  • A full fundraising pack to help you raise as much money as possible
  • A training pack tailored according to your ability
  • An exclusive British Skin Foundation vest
  • Frequent communication to check your progress
  • Lisa (our communications officer) to help you let your local media know what you're up to to try and drum up support in your community
  • Kelly (our events manager) on hand via telephone, email or face to face over a cup of tea to provide any additional information or motivation you may need