Research Grants

There are 1 million people in the UK who suffer from psoriasis. 40,000 new cases of skin cancer are reported each year. 20% of all children have eczema. The number of people suffering from skin disease grows each day. The dermatological community acknowledges the significance of these figures and it is reflected by the large number of requests the British Skin Foundation receives for project funding. To stem the growth of skin disease in the UK we need to explore the causes, helping us produce effective treatments and cures.


Who benefits from BSF funded Research?

The British Skin Foundation funds research into all skin disease; from rare conditions such as ichthyosis to more common diseases like eczema and psoriasis.


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BSF/AMRC research policy statement

The British Skin Foundation supports the Association of Medical Research Charities policy on the use of animals in research where no alternative is availabe.

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Information for Researchers

The British Skin Foundation offers a range of funding opportunities to research institutions across the UK

What grants are offered by the BSF and who is eligible?

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BSF joins forces with the MRC

The BSF is partnering with the Medical Research Council and the British Association of Dermatologists in a further boost to skin disease research. A total of four Clinical Research Training Fellowships will be awarded over the next three years with the possibility of more to follow.

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