Skin Deep - 20 Years of Research 

The British Skin Foundation Celebrated 20 Years of Research at the Royal College of Physicians, London

Skin Deep – 20 Years of Research was a professional conference celebrating the British Skin Foundation’s research over the past two decades. In the 20 years since its launch, the British Skin Foundation has partnered with thousands of skin disease sufferers, their families and friends, dermatology departments and industry to charitably raise more than £15,000,000 to fund over 300 research projects throughout the UK and Ireland.

The one-day special event attracted delegates from across the country to listen to renowned researchers as they shared their British Skin Foundation funded work. The charity prides itself on the quality of work it supports and is committed to increasing its financial contribution to research year on year. With 60% of the UK population having suffered or currently suffering from a skin disease, there’s still a lot of research to do to help improve people’s lives.

The event was followed by an evening reception for delegates, supporters and friends of the British Skin Foundation past and present.

Dr Carsten Flohr talking about the role of the skin and gut microbiome in atopic eczema 

Dr Francesca Capon presents 'Gene identification in pustular psoriasis'

Professor Charlotte Proby on 'Molecular profiling of cutaneous SCC'

Professor Chris Griffiths talking about 'The Epidemiology of Psoriasis' 

Guests listen to speakers at the evening reception

Supporter Mark Hill addresses the guests on the importance of raising money for rmelanoma research

This artwork by Harriet Simcock raised £250 for research from a silent auction on the night

BSF Trustee Professor Chris Bunker addresses guests



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