My life with psoriasis

We caught up with Judith Duncan, 23, from Gourock in Scotland.

Hi Judith, we came across your blog The Wee Blondie and we love what you are doing with articles such as #MySkinIsBeautiful, promoting body confidence for people with skin conditions. We had to get in touch and chat with you!

You’ve had negative comments in the past, both online and in person because of your psoriasis. How do you handle this? Do you have any advice for other people who might be experiencing the same thing?

In public I just took it on board but it really got to me. I took a while to be confident in my skin and not take the comments personally. My advice to other people would be to just and ignore the comments. Usually people are just being genuine and don’t know any better so explain to them what is going on and try not to take it personally – easier sad than done I know!

You first got psoriasis 3 years ago – what was your initial reaction to the condition?

At first I was really embarrassed about it. It makes me laugh because it was such a small part of my skin compared to now. I used to hide it under piles of makeup and my fringe!

When you decided to stop trying to hide your condition, were you scared of how friends and family would react?

I am lucky to have always been surrounded by family and friends who supported me and didn’t make a fuss of my psoriasis. It was actually them who encouraged me to be more confident in my skin and show it off!

Do you think your psoriasis has ever held you back at all? (Career, dating, making friends etc)

I do think my psoriasis holds me back in dating but not any other aspect. I guess in this day and age where everyone is striving for perfection you cant help but my self conscious about your biggest insecurity (especially when its on your face). I have to say though, on dates it usually me that brings it up and its never been an issue.

What is the most annoying thing people ask or say to you about your psoriasis?

Is it contagious? That’s probably the most common and annoying thing people say! I know they are just curious and wanting to learn but it does get annoying!

Do you have any friends with psoriasis or another skin condition and if so, does that help?

No, I am the only one in my friend group with a skin condition.  I found this difficult at first because they would complain about a small spot, which I thought was nothing compared to what I had so why should they complain? Eventually you realise something small to you might be big to them – just like when my psoriasis was the size of a 20p and I thought it took up my whole forehead (which ironically it does now).

Do you have any advice for someone who has just been diagnosed with psoriasis?

Get involved in the psoriasis communities out there. It helps to know you’re not the only one in the world with psoriasis though it can feel like that sometimes. Its good to talk and the community are always there to listen or help with any questions you may have!

How would you help someone who hasn’t got psoriasis understand the condition?

I would talk them through the condition and answer any questions they have – no matter how silly you might think the question is it is always better to give a good answer and educate! They don’t have psoriasis or a chronic disease so probably doesn’t understand as well as you do!

Thanks for chatting to us Judith!









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