July 2023

A 24.6 mile from Whitby to Scarborough.

This June, Meryl Brailsford undertook a 24.6 mile walk to raise money for the British Skin Foundation. Read about her challenge and her motivation. 

I completed 9 June 2023, walking from Whitby to Scarborough along the Cleveland Way.  I did the walk with 11 other ladies all from Lancashire. We completed 24.6 miles in 11 hours, it was extremely hard and fast and by far the hardest challenge I've done.

But I did it!!!

My reason for walking

In January 2022, I had an area of skin removed from the right side of my cheek and nose, with my lower eyelid being re-modelled. I have a scar running from my right corner lip, along the right of my nose, across the lower eyelid to my right ear, down and towards my throat. A massive operation, I should have had counselling as I look so different now. It took 10 months for the results to come back from the hospital. 6 different consultants studying the removed area and finally it was agree that it was benign. I have been very lucky. I now await reconstructive surgery.

The challenge

I am not a walker, but was determined to complete this challenge, I only did training for 3 months with a couple of 100 miles under my belt. As a 60 something lady I underestimated the difficulty. I was always last, but we finished as a bunch in the end!

Exhausted, shattered but elated!!!

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