Skin cancer

Chloe Green

It touches my heart

SGUL Dermsoc


We are a passionate group of students from St.George's University obsessed with skin and everything around it! We are extremely exited about this initiative called battle of the DermSOCs and we hope it will motivate a lot of universities around the U.K. to fundraise for their amazing cause!

University of Birmingham DermSoc Fundraising for the British Skin Foundation

Birmingham DermSoc

The BSF is a great charity that raises money to support research which will hopefully lead to improvements being made to the lives of those who suffer with skin disease and skin cancer. From acne, to psoriasis and melanoma, to date, the BSF has awarded £16,000,000 in funding since 1996!


Olivia Knowles

BSF is the only charity in the UK funding cutting edge research into skin diseases.

As a society we understand that when suffering from a skin disease, not only do you suffer from the disease itself but also from the psychological consequences of having visible disease. The skin is of course, the body's largest and most visible organ. It is for this reason that we will be fundraising as much as we can this year for BSF, to try find treatments and cures to these often common and debilita