New Year, New You! Clothes Swap Party.

Donna Smart

As a Dermatology Nurse Specialist, Skin cancer screening Practitioner and Medical Aesthetic Practitioner, I love everything about the skin. Our skin should be embraced for the amazing organ it is. (imperfections as well)
Raising awareness of the numerous skin conditions that can affect us and: embrace these, understand them, treat these, manage these, and be proud and confident to wear our skin with pride!!

Paris Marathon 2020

Aaron Prewer

I'm fundraising for the British Skin Foundation as I personally suffer from Serve Eczema, which got really bad last year with a trip to the hospital where the Doctor said I was lucky that I got treatment when I did because it could have been a different outcome. I've done multiple Half Marathons but never a full Marathon so doing it for charity to give something back.

Shelley's Wingwalk for Eczema!

Shelley Sumner

I have suffered with severe eczema since being only a few months old and have also had shingles too. I am a former Beauty queen battling severe eczema and want to wingwalk to raise money to help sufferers like myself find a cure!

For Skin's Sake

Izabella Arnold

The British Skin Foundation is my charity of choice for the Ride Across Britain charity ride (7 - 15 September 2019). In 9 days I will ride my bicycle 900 miles from Lands End to John O'Groats in raising awareness for all types of skin diseases and conditions. In one way or another, we have all been affected personally or our loved ones have suffered from skin cancer, psoriasis, eczema, melanoma, lupus, dermatitis, vitiligo, and even acne. Living with a chronic condition or being diagnosed with

Sam Prettyjohns - London Marathon 2019 - British Skin Foundation

Sam Prettyjohns

After 9 years and 7 attempts, this year I have finally managed to get a ballot place in the 2019 London Marathon. I am taking this opportunity to raise money for a charity close to my heart - British Skin Foundation.

Lynne’s Yorkshire Marathon

Lynne Vickers

My mum has received outstanding treatment in Leeds for skin cancers on her face

Three Peaks Challenge

adriana jamesova

This organisation is particularly close to our business as British Skin Foundation stamp is on most of our products.

Karin’s 2019 Run Balmoral Walk

Karin Rebecca

Skin problems are all too common. My Father had psoriasis, husband also. Husband had squamous cell carcinoma and now I have a basal cell carcinoma.

Edinburgh University Dermatology Society

Zaina Sharif

We would like to raise money to aid research into skin cancer and other skin diseases to help those affected by such conditions.

Glasgow DermSoc Fundraiser

Kirstin Jones

Glasgow Dermsoc is passionate about the incredible work of the British Skin Foundation in providing both research and support to help those with skin conditions around the country. We're hoping to spread awareness and raise money through this fundraising page.

Win a stay at The Lodge Hotel in London!!

Ewa Kloczko

We are passionate about skin health and its impact on quality of life. Therefore, it was natural we will support skin research and fundraise for British Skin Foundation.