By partnering with the British Skin Foundation we can provide your staff with exciting fundraising opportunities, which will help your organisation, make a meaningful impact to the lives of skin disease sufferers across the UK. We will work with you to produce a calendar full of interesting and motivational activities which will not only boost team morale but will also allow your customers to engage with your company in a new way.  

Why make the British Skin Foundation your Charity of the Year?

  • Despite 60% of British people currently suffering from or have suffered with a skin disease at some point during their lifetime, dermatological research is a very much underfunded area, you can help change that.
  • Our brand is recognised throughout the UK. By partnering with us you will be associated with a well-established and highly respected charity.
  • We will ensure your company objectives are met and will work with you closely to provide PR and communications support.
  • Fundraising should be fun! We would work with you to develop activities which are both suitable for your organisation and your staff will want to get involved with.

 Get in touch

For further information about partnering with the BSF or to discuss any ideas you may have please contact [email protected] or call 020 7391 6341