Our son Reggie asked to do something in memory of his Nanny Barb and his big brother Alfie jumped at the chance too! We as a family (Beanie, Alfie, Reggie, Brandon and Sarah - B.A.R.B.S)decided to enter the Inflatable UK 5K run being held on 5th October 2019 in Basildon and raise money to help fund research into cures for skin cancer. The British Skin Foundation is the only UK charity that raises money to fund research into skin diseases including skin cancer. We are hoping that the money we raise helps to find a cure to skin cancer so that no one else has to go through losing their mum, nan or anyone they love and hold dear too soon!

Unfortunately Brandon is too little to participate in the inflatable run but he'll be there on the sidelines cheering us on ;o)

Sarah Gomm