The British Skin Foundation do fantastic work both in research and supporting of those affected by skin disease, including skin cancer, which can range from eczema to acne to vitiligo. As someone who benefits from BSF's research personally, I feel passionate about giving back and in contributing to helping others affected by much worse than me.

This year I am competing in 3 races on behalf of BSF:
23/02/2020 - Brighton Half Marathon
19/04/2020 - Brighton Marathon 10K
29/08/2020 - South Downs Challenge (100K)

The above includes my first half marathon and 100K race, and as I did my first ever 10K for BSF it felt right to continue the trend of doing firsts for a great cause!

UPDATE (09/03/2020): Thank you so much to everyone who's donated! Race 1 - Brighton Half Marathon - complete, and in real tough conditions too, really glad to have done it. Now onto training for the next one. Billy Gates