My mum, Lisa, suffered for as long as I can remember with skin problems. It completely consumed her every day life, only managing it with gallons of cream. It began as plaques all over her body which were very dry, raised and itchy. Things got worse around summer 2019, when she started releasing moisture and her temperature regulation failed, meaning she was constantly frozen - not helped by being damp from the creams all day long! She also began to lose her hair and her skin started to deteriorate massively, with huge open lesions appearing all over her body. Despite this, in September 2019 she cycled from London to Paris to raise money for the BSF. She did this because despite her own suffering, she wanted to do all she could to help others and their skin problems, as she knew first hand how difficult life can be when living with skin diseases. Her skin disease was misdiagnosed as eczema and psoriasis for years until March 2020 when she eventually got a referral to Guy's Hospital in London. It was here that she was diagnosed with Folliculotropic Mycosis Fungoides - a rare T-cell Lymphoma which ultimately attacks the skin. She began Total Skin Electron Beam Radiotherapy the day after a diagnosis, as a matter of urgency due to how severe her skin was. She underwent a couple weeks treatment but then faced the battle of Covid and Sepsis. She eventually beat them both, but septic infections kept happening due to the lack of barrier from her deteriorating skin. After many ups and downs, she lost the battle with a final, strong septic infection in July. Had she beaten this infection, she would have faced another a week later - they were inevitable. Mycosis Fungoides is extremely rare and so, often very difficult to diagnose. However, since knowing about this condition, we can make clear a comparison between her skin and pictures of other people with the same diagnosis. I am therefore taking part in the London Marathon 2021 in the hope that I can raise some awareness for this disease and prevent others from going through what she did. Had mum received earlier diagnosis, her journey would have likely been very different, with the prognosis of Mycosis Fungoides being a normal life expectancy. Mum was the first to always help others, and I know that if I can help just one other person, she would be behind it all the way. Kaitlyn Carter