I started running 4 years ago and set myself targets each year. The first year I did a 10k, the second year Leeds Half Marathon which I hated but the next day entered the following year. I then decided to do a full Marathon which again I hated as I was sick and got cramp in my legs but still finished in 4hrs 52 mins. I said never again but the next day entered for the following year and I loved it and finished in 4hrs 34 mins. Of course I entered again for this year and decided that I would do it for a charity that we have benefited from.
My mum has had skin cancers removed from her face for over 30 years and the care she has received has been outstanding.
I myself have got several skin allergy’s which affect my hands. I have had radiotherapy on them and they are now under control.
We cannot praise the NHS enough.
The Yorkshire Marathon is on Sunday 20th October 2019

Lynne Vickers