I love the complexity of the skin. I love that all skin is different.
I have spent the last 28 years nursing and treating people with skin conditions and skin cancer
All too often, I see the need for more information and education on skin conditions as these conditions can have a huge impact on a persons confidence and self esteem.
Raising awareness on:
How to recognise
How to treat
How to manage
What to use, what not to use
How to access support
But most importantly to - Love the skin we have!
So..…. I want to invite friends, family and patients into my clinic to bring their unwanted clothes and swap with others for a small donation
Skin is the finest clothing ever made as told by the fairy tale - The Emperors New Clothes.
So, calling all emperess's
Come and enjoy an evening at the ARK - Act of Random Kindness (ChromaDerm Aesthetics) of giving and sharing and raising funds for a great charity.
There will be a complimentary drink (for you) and free goody bag (for your skin), plus you will be able to grab lots of clothes for your "New Year, New You" wardrobe.
Check out the Facebook page for terms and conditions of the event.
If you cant attend and you would like to donate some pennies, please donate to this page.
Our target for the evening is £500.
Depending on the success of this event, I hope to bring more events

25% of all doctor appointments in the UK are skin related and with a national shortage of GP appointments and Dermatologists, charities such as "The British Skin Foundation" can provide the essential support and advice , or someone you love may need for their skin
Please note this event is via ticket only and available through Eventbrite (Free) Numbers are limited and we encourage to book your place early to avoid disappointment
Donna Smart