My main reason for fundraising this is my son who especially for his first 2 years of life going through horrendous dermatitis on his mouth and lips causing extreme discomfort and pain. With constant contact with doctors it always felt apparent that the help and support for this wasn’t funded enough and with different creams it became manageable. But In that time, so many people had approached us asking why he’s got a dirty face, he needs to wash his face and other very offensive and degrading comments where it’s simply extremely sore for him and thankfully he was far too young to understand and wasn’t effected emotionally by this. Another reason is for the 2 ex partners I've had who’ve suffered from severe psoriasis and eczema. Seeing them suffer in agonising pain, several doctors appointments with no result and the horrendous reactions of people towards visible flare ups where people refused to handshake, touch or go near. I want people to become aware of these situations where people can get the help with funding to manage and maintain flare ups and pain
Lastly I have suffered from contact dermatitis around my thighs , crotch and legs which has caused pain for 5 years of my life making me itch, feel I can’t expose that area and hide that part of my body with partners. Ryan Nelder