Everyday at the clinic we help people with skin concerns and often need to alert them to suspicious skin lesions we notice.

This was brought into sharp focus for me when visiting my mum, after the pandemic, and discovering she had skin lesions on her neck that kept crusting over and not healing. I learnt these had been there for over 2 years and she was covering them with make-up. I took photos and sent them for a dermatologist opinion, who suggested basal cell carcinoma and recommended a GP visit. Thankfully the GP fast tacked mum to see a dermatologist at her local hospital who removed the basal cell carcinomas by surgical excision. Always get any skin lesion that is discoloured, crusts, bleeds and does not heal checked.

I was thankful for the care my mother received and decided to do something to help raise awareness, which is why I have been training for a 4 months for a half marathon. For me - running is still new to me and a half marathon is a big challenge. I will run in Edinburgh on Sunday 29 May for the British Skin Foundation.

Data collected 2016-2018 suggests that 46 new cases of melanoma skin cancer are diagnosed everyday in the UK and it affects almost every family at some point. So please please donate whatever you can afford to help support BSF's great work.

Wear sun protection and stay safe

Victoria Xxx Victoria Dobbie