It’s official! Suncream is a Self-Esteem Essential.

Research for CTPA released this week reveals that suncream is a self-esteem essential. So how should you apply it to get the best protection? Read more

BSF supports NHS open letter to people with a weakened immune system

The British Skin Foundation supports an open letter from the NHS to encourage people with a weakened immune system to continue to receive their COVID-19 vaccines. Read more

The Skin Health Alliance donates £185,000 to research

Dermatological accreditation organisation the Skin Health Alliance donates £185,000 to British Skin Foundation research. Read more

Face The Future donates £10,000 to skin disease and skin cancer research

Following Charitable Monday initiative on Cyber Monday. Read more

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Looking back on 2021 and forward to 2022. Read more

British Skin Foundation Chief Executive Officer, Matthew Patey, receives OBE in New Year Honours

For services to research into skin cancer and other dermatological conditions. Read more

British Skin Foundation-funded skin cancer research wins award

Dr Matthew Bottomley and his team win the Stewart Cameron Science Award Read more

Keloid scar pain & itch: What did your responses tell us?

Researchers report the results from the keloid scar survey earlier in 2021. Read more

Face The Future to donate 20% of sales to skin disease research on Cyber Monday

Face The Future to support British Skin Foundation this Cyber Monday. Read more

Over half of those with a skin condition feel judged by others

But four in five believe that their appearance is important to their general wellbeing. Read more

New programme

British Skin Foundation launch collaboration with ITN Productions Industry News – More than Skin Deep. Read more

Impact of environmental factors in predicting daily severity scores of atopic dermatitis

British Skin Foundation research uses a computational model to predict daily eczema severity scores Read more

A mathematical model to identify optimal combinations of drug targets for dupilumab poor responders in atopic dermatitis

British Skin Foundation eczema research on model-based meta-analysis of recent clinical trials for nine biological drugs. Read more

Skin therapist to trek the Sahara Desert

Rebecca Graham will be taking part in a five-day trek across the Sahara Desert for skin disease research Read more

Help scientists better understand your keloid scar pain

If you suffer from painful or itchy keloid scars, researchers from Kings College London want to hear from you. Read more

Gut bacteria linked with infant diet, eczema and caesarean section birth

A new British Skin Foundation funded study links gut bacteria with infant diet, eczema and caesarean section birth. Read more

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All-Party Parliamentary Group on Skin report: Mental Health & Skin Disease

Parliamentary report reveals worrying lack of mental health support for skin disease patients Read more

World Afro Day 2020

Dr Sharon Wong talks about some of the potential concerns that can occur with afro hair. Read more

St George’s University London crowned Battle of the DermSocs Champions for second year running

St George's University London DermSoc have been crowned Battle of the DermSocs 2019/2020 Champions Read more

Maskne – what’s the hype?

Dermatologist Dr Thivi Maruthappu talks about "maskne" - acne caused by wearing a face mask. Read more

Over half of British children are suffering with skin problems due to frequent handwashing

Eczema rates are on the rise in children due to increased handwashing. Read more