When a child lives with a chronic skin condition, it’s not just the physical pain that torments them, there’s often mental anguish too. The emotional turmoil a child feels by looking different to their peers or being singled out because of their condition can have a profound effect on their life for years to come.

In Summer 2020 the British Skin Foundation will be calling upon its superstar supporters, that's you! To become superheroes and dress up as your favourite comic book/film/tv character for a day to help fight skin disease and tackle the misconceptions surrounding skin disease.

Whether you have children in nursery or primary school, you're an early year's practitioner or a teacher, you work in a doctor's surgery or hospital, you work in a small independent business or a large corporation, we would love to have you involved and fighting against skin disease. By doing so you will be generating vital funds for research into finding better treatments and cures for all types of skin disease and improving the daily lives of those living with a skin condition. In addition, you will be helping to change the attitude of children and adults alike. 

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