April 2023

Rosacea 101 with the UK's #1 rosacea influencer and British Skin Foundation ambassador, Lex Gillies.

Rosacea is a common skin condition, mostly affecting the face. It predominantly affects fair-skinned individuals but may appear in any skin type. Rosacea can start at any age from childhood onwards, but most commonly appears in young adults. It is a long-term condition, can persist for a long time and fluctuates from mild to severe. Rosacea mostly affects the cheeks, forehead, chin, and nose.

Finding out you have rosacea can throw up as many questions as the diagnosis answers.

During Rosacea Awareness Month, Lex Gillies created a series of short videos in collaboration with the British Skin Foundation to answer the most frequently asked rosacea questions. 

Rosacea basics

What is rosacea? Who gets it? What causes it? How is it treated?

Getting help from a professional

How was Lex diagnosed with rosacea? Should you go to the doctors about your rosacea? 

Rosacea triggers

What is a trigger? How did Lex work out her own triggers?

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