When mild acne turns into severe cystic acne

Giorgia has suffered with acne since the age of eight. By the time she was twelve, her previously mild acne had turned severe and aggressive, leading her to doctor to try an array of different pills, creams and even a sun lamp. Nothing seemed to work and Giorgia was referred to a dermatologist.

By this time, Giorgia had severe cystic acne and her dermatologist decided to try a six month course of retinoids. Although it cleared up her skin well, unfortunately it only lasted about four months before the acne returned as aggressively as before.

Refusing to be defined by acne

Rather than let her acne get her down, aspiring model Giorgia decided to enter a local beauty pageant instead. She explains “Acne has affected a big part of my life as I get turned down for modelling jobs all the time for having bad skin. But, I’m generally quite a confident person so I decided to give it a go.”

She was then crowned Junior Miss Bolton & Bury 2015-16 and hopes that her story will be an inspiration to others with skin problems. “I realised that I can achieve my dreams even though I still suffer with acne and I want other people to know they can too,” said Giorgia. 

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