Diagnosed with life-threatening melanoma

Aged just 27, Loti Jackson discovered she was suffering from malignant melanoma, a potentially life-threatening form of skin cancer. Whilst working on a press campaign for a well-known tanning brand, Loti became aware that a mole on her left cheek fitted a lot of the skin cancer warning signs and needed to be checked.

Loti’s GP quickly referred her to the local NHS trust to monitor the mole, checking it for signs of skin cancer. Although it was deemed non-cancerous in August 2012, by November 2012 it had changed and within two weeks Loti was ready to have surgery to remove the mole.

Living with a skin cancer scar

Adjusting to the scar on her face was difficult for Loti, especially when she learned that her skin cancer was a melanoma and she would need further surgery on her face, leaving her with an even bigger scar. 

By acting quickly, Loti and her doctors were able to catch the melanoma in its early stages. Although she is left with a scar, Loti believes that she was one of the lucky ones. She explains “I am very passionate about raising awareness of skin cancer, as I am living proof that awareness works.”

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