Eczema from childhood

“The first time I remember having eczema I was six years old and I had to stay off school for two weeks. I couldn’t walk properly due to the infection on the back of my legs.”

Rebecca has had eczema since she was a baby and as the years went by it began to worsen.

“The struggle is very much real in my life, I feel itchy and sore every day. As a young woman growing up it affected the way I ate, dressed and socialised.”

How eczema affects daily life

Now a mother, Rebecca has entered a new phase of discomfort. Simple tasks such as cleaning or changing her child’s nappy can be very painful – even in gloves.

Even activities that most families take for granted, such as swimming can be very challenging with a skin condition like eczema.

She explains, “People don't understand the mental effects of having a skin problem, the energy it takes to do a household job or the effort it is to open a tin can.  We now live in a world where everyone is expected to be perfect and having eczema on your body really lowers your self-esteem. I am sharing my story to show others they are not alone and encourage them to seek help.”  

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