British Skin Foundation Major Grants Advisory Committee

Professor Patrick Maxwell

Cambridge University



Dr Girish Patel

Cardiff University

Skin Cancer


Dr Marta Polak

University of Southampton

Skin Immunology, bioinformatics, RNA sequencing


Professor Edel O’Toole

Queen Mary University of London

Skin genetics, atopic dermatitis


Dr Neil Rajan

Newcastle University

Genetics, skin cancer, rare skin diseases


Dr Miriam Wittmann

University of Bradford

Inflammatory responses, connective tissue diseases, Immunology


Dr Amaya Viros

University of Manchester

Skin cancer


Dr Claire Higgins

Imperial London

Skin development, hair follicle diseases, wound healing


Dr Francesca Capon

Kings College London

Genetics/functional genomics


Dr John Connelly

Queen Mary University of London

Stem cells, wound healing, tissue engineering


Professor Catherine Smith

St John’s Institute of Dermatology

Inflammatory skin disease, therapeutics


Dr Phil Jones

Sanger Institute Cambridge

Keratinocyte cancers of the skin


Dr Kristiana Gordon

St Georges London

Lymphatic/lymphovascular system


Professor Sally Ibbotson

University of Dundee



Dr Tanya Shaw

Kings College London

Scarring fibrosis, general cell biology


Dr Daniele Bergamaschi

Queen Mary University of London

Skin aging, chronic inflammation, skin cancer


Dr Matthew Harries

University of Manchester

Hair and scalp disorders


Dr Andrei Mardaryev

University of Bradford

Skin stem cells, wound healing


Professor Sinead Langan

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Epidemiology, atopic dermatitis


British Skin Foundation Small Grants Advisory Committee


Dr Paula Beattie

University of Glasgow



Dr Carolyn Charman

Devon and Exeter Hospital

Atopic eczema


Dr Michael Ardern-Jones

University of Southampton



Dr Helen Kemp

University of Sheffield

Immunology and vitiligo


Dr Andy South

Thomas Jefferson University - USA

Skin cancer


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