Results of the 2019 Awards were announced in December.

Applications for the 2020 British Skin Foundation Young Investigator Awards will be available to download here in April.

A BSF Young Investigator Award is available to anybody wishing to carry out U.K or R.O.I based research into skin disease.

  • No more than one application can be submitted by a Principal Investigator per application round. Applications will not be accepted from a PI who currently holds a Large Grant as a PI
  •  Applicants are expected to demonstrate the value of the project to dermatology
  • The maximum amount of funds available is £90,000 (£45,000 per year) No ‘top-ups’ or extensions are available for any reason
  • The maximum duration of the BSF Young Investigator Award is 2 years (although this may be extended by negotiation where there are issues around flexible working or career breaks/maternity leave)
  • The Principal Investigator must be a Scientist or Clinical Academic no more than 10 years into their post-doctoral research career
  • The aim of the award is to support high quality research likely to lead to long term, large scale funding from a major medical research sponsor such as funding council or medical charity
  • The Principal Investigator must demonstrate that he/she is the driving force behind the project and has a significant publication track record in the area
  • The Principal Investigator must provide evidence of how the project may be able to drive a long term programme of research in the specific area
  • The Project award is able to cover salary, including that of the Young Investigator
  • The BSF Young Investigator Award must be activated within 12 months of the award letter
  • Successful applicants will provide the BSF office with a researcher ‘ORCHID ID’ upon activation of the grant
  • The BSF Young Investigator Award funding is claimed by authorised finance departments submitting invoices at quarterly intervals
  • A scientific and a lay report are to submitted both mid-term and upon completion
  •  The British Skin Foundation’s support to be mentioned in any relevant papers or presentations and copies to be forwarded to the BSF office.

Please note: the British Skin Foundation will no longer be able to provide feedback for unsuccessful grant applications.