Application forms for the 2020 British Skin Foundation Small Grant Awards will be available to download here from January the 31st.

A British Skin Foundation (BSF) Small Grant is available to anybody wishing to carry out U.K or R.O.I based research into skin disease.

  • Only one project to be submitted per person per grant round.
  • The project should be a small or pilot project.
  • The maximum amount of funds available for each award is £10,000.
  • Not more than 50% of the small grant to be used on buying equipment.
  • If part of another project, the small grant is to make-up at least 30% of the total funding.
  • Assessment of the grants will take into account requests which are of a more immediate clinical relevance.
  • Applicants are expected to demonstrate the value of the project to dermatology.
  • No ‘top-ups’ or extensions are available for any reason.
  • The maximum duration of the award is 1 year (although this may be extended by negotiation where there are issues around flexible working or career breaks/maternity leave).
  • Successful awards must be activated within 12 months.
  • Awards are claimed by authorised finance departments submitting a single invoice for the full amount.
  • A scientific and a simple lay report to be submitted upon completion.
  • The British Skin Foundation’s support to be mentioned in any relevant papers or presentations and copies to be forwarded to the BSF office.

Please note: the British Skin Foundation will no longer be able to provide feedback for unsuccessful grant applications.