British Skin Foundation Research Awards 2018-19
Fellowship Award Application Guidelines

The British Skin Foundation is a unique charity committed to raising funds for skin disease research. Since its re-launch in 1996, it has raised and distributed more than £12 million in research grants to over 350 projects throughout the U.K and R.O.I. The BSF relies completely on non-statutory funding, usually donated by industry, trusts, the BAD and members of the public.

The British Skin Foundation annually distributes funds to U.K based skin disease research. The BSF Trustees call upon the services of a panel of specialists called the Grants Advisory Committee (GAC) whose task it is to judge the quality and standard of the applications. The committee is made up of 20 members representing the British Skin Foundation, British Association of Dermatologists and the British Society for Investigative Dermatology. The committee in turn call upon the expertise of referees from the relevant areas of study.

Application forms are available from April with a closing date of Friday 24th August 2018 at 23:59. Completed applications are forwarded on to the GAC and referees in September. Grants are awarded in early December and applicants are advised by the end of the year.

Completing the Application Form

Applicants are reminded that project proposals will only be accepted via the BSF online application portal. Applicants should also note that the Grants Advisory Committee considers clarity and accuracy, especially with regard to spelling, to be very important.

A BSF Fellowship application form is to be completed by the nominating Principal Investigator or head of department.

The BSF Fellowship is to support a clinician at a U.K or R.O.I based institution.

No more than one application can be submitted by a Principal Investigator per application round. Applications will not be accepted from a PI who currently holds a Large Grant as a PI.

Applicants are expected to demonstrate the value of the project to dermatology.

The BSF Fellowship is a fixed amount of £62,000.

No ‘top-ups’ or extensions are available for any reason.

The maximum duration of the BSF Fellowship is 1 year (although this may be extended by negotiation where there are issues around flexible working or career breaks/maternity leave).

The BSF Fellowship must be activated within 12 months of the award letter.

The BSF Fellowship funding is claimed by an authorised finance department submitting invoices at quarterly intervals.

A scientific and a lay report are to be submitted both mid-term and upon completion. Closing invoices will only be paid upon receipt of final reports.

The award is to be named the BSF Fellowship in any relevant papers or presentations with copies forwarded to the BSF office.

As of 2017 the British Skin Foundation are no longer able to provide feedback for unsuccessful grant applications.

Principal Investigator
The Principal Investigator must be the supervisor of the project and have overall responsibility for it.

Please explain the justification of the Principal Investigator by their qualification, expertise and role in the team.

Applications will not be accepted from a Principal Investigator who currently holds a BSF Large Grant as a PI. We encourage successful applicants to use BSF funding to enable them to apply for further funding to large funding bodies. If the PI on an application has held a BSF Large Grant as a PI in the previous 5 years, this will disadvantage the application to a relatively small, but definite, extent. If the PI on an application currently holds a BSF Large Grant as a co-applicant, this will disadvantage the application to a very minimal, but definite, extent.

Space is provided for up to 4 co-applicants. If you have more than 4 co-applicants, please email [email protected] with the details.

Other Research Support
If the Principal Investigator has been a participant in a grant from the BSF within the last 5 years (from the date of the first invoice from your finance department received by the BSF office) please complete the section at the end of the page.

Value to Dermatology
Please explain the value of the project to dermatology briefly but concisely.

Proposed Project

Title of Project
This is best kept as brief and clear as possible. Applicants are asked to consider that the BSF use these titles for fundraising work among potential donors that do not necessarily have a scientific background.

Abstract of Research
Concise, clear and kept within the 250 word limit – there is more than enough space to go into further detail later.

Please outline the proposed project using the headings shown. Tables, figures etc. may be uploaded on this page of the application if needed (maximum of 2 pages, no references please).

Citation on Support of Fellow
To be completed by the PI / Head of Department outlining the proposed fellow’s ability and suitability for the BSF Fellowship. Please include the period of time and in what capacity you have known the fellow.

It is vitally important that this section is competed. Applications lacking the relevant signatures will not be accepted. If those signing are not present to sign the same form, please upload a second signature page in this section. Electronic signatures will be accepted.

For queries, please contact [email protected]