Want to raise money for vital research into skin disease and skin cancer but a sporting event doesn’t appeal to you? Don’t worry! Our wonderful supporters do all sorts of activities on our behalf, from cake sales, quiz nights and even a spray tan parties, the list of activities you could arrange in aid of the British Skin Foundation is quite literally endless.  If you have an idea you’d like to make a reality, we can help. Below are some tips for putting your plans into action.

1.) Decide what you want to do

Choose an activity that will interest you, to make your event a success and encourage others to help you; you will need oodles of enthusiasm. If you are feeling stuck for ideas download our fundraising guide for some inspiration.

2.) Things to consider

Once you have your activity consider things like; where you will carry out your activity, who will take part and when you’re going to do it. Also, put a budget in place and set yourself a fundraising target. Once you have these in mind you can start putting your plan into action!

3.) Create a fundraising page

Make your bespoke fundraising page. People can sponsor you safely and securely, as well as having the opportunity to leave personal comments, photos, and videos.

4.) Get in touch

We will support you as best we can and we’re on hand to provide you with useful tips and advice, should you need them. If you need any guidance or you just want to tell us about your great event, contact our events team on [email protected] or 020 7391 6088.

5.) Order your materials

If you need any BSF promotional materials (posters, collection boxes, balloons etc) for your event you can order them quickly and easily from our shop. 

6.) Spread the word

Making people aware of your event is key to making it a success. If you are on social media get posting event information, updates, pictures, in fact, anything appropriate to promoting your activity.  We would love to see what you are doing and hear about your progress, so follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and tag us into your posts using the hashtag #GoTeamBSF.  

If you are not on social media you can still let people know what you're doing via;

-Email (including on your email signature)

-Workplace intranet

-Posters displayed in your workplace/gym/community centre/library etc. Download your BSF poster for your event here

-Handwritten invitations. Download your BSF invitations to advertise your event  

7.) Have fun!

Whatever you decide to do for us make sure you have a great time.  


Here are some materials for you to download to help make your fundraising activity a huge success...

Fundraising guide                                                              Sponsorship form           


   Advertising poster                                                        Event invitations 



  About the BSF A5 poster