September 2020

A new report

This week the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Skin released a new report that revealed a worrying lack of mental health support for skin disease patients. 

More than a dozen leading doctors, specialising in dermatology and mental health led the report, as well as the dermatology specialist groups, the British Association of Dermatologists, the Primary Care Dermatology Society, and the British Dermatological Nursing Group. Patient organisations were also involved in the membership of the Working Group including the British Skin Foundation.

Read the full report here

 Lisa Bickerstaffe, British Skin Foundation spokesperson says:

The new All-Party Parliamentary Group on Skin report concerning mental health and skin disease highlights the critical need to improve psychological services for those suffering from skin conditions in the UK. At the British Skin Foundation we know that skin disease can severely affect self-confidence, education, work and relationships and we believe this call to action from the dermatology community should be acted on immediately. The current pandemic has heightened psychological distress for those with skin problems, meaning they need support now more than ever.

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