August 2018

Swimming the English Channel

After 14 hours 7 minutes Kevin Proctor finally walked up a French beach to the sound of locals clapping as he completed a 37 mile, two-person relay in the English Channel on 28th August.  

Bound by a strict set of Channel Swimming Association rules, Kevin and his swimming partner battled against sea sickness, jellyfish stings and fatigue, burning some 20,000 calories between them.

Kevin and swimming partner Helen Black

Kevin is supporting the British Skin Foundation’s skin cancer research, looking for cures and treatments for the disease.

He explained, “I have chosen this charity to make people aware of skin cancer and moles,” after he had a lucky escape melanoma that developed on his shoulder.

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By donating to skin disease research you are helping us to find treatments and cures for common conditions like eczema, acne and psoriasis through to potential killers like melanoma skin cancer. Thank you.