British Skin Foundation (BSF) and ITN Productions Industry News launch a bespoke co-production to raise awareness and understanding of the different types of skin disease, the mental and physical scars to patients and the importance of research into the advancements of new treatments and cures.

Skin conditions and disease affect around 60% of people in the UK at some point in their lives.  The impact and longevity can vary widely and often the scars left behind are psychological rather than physical.  From acne, dermatitis to rosacea and more, More than Skin Deep explores the increasing awareness of the effects on mental health, the latest developments in dermatology and the vital research into skin disease at the heart of BSF’s work.

Anchored by ITN Productions presenter and reporter Mary-Ann Ochota from ITN’s London Studio, the programme follows a unique news-style format featuring key sector interviews, independent news items in collaboration with BSF and a series of inspirational sponsored profiles led by ITN Productions news reporters, filmed on location and remotely.

Matthew Patey, CEO of BSF joins the programme to discuss the science behind skin treatments and the vital role of research.  Consultant Dermatologist Dr Christos Tziotzios champions the support received from BSF to further research into the new hair epidemic frontal fibrosing alopecia, affecting post-menopausal women.

Reporter Rory Challands discovers that it’s not only the physical side of skin conditions that should be tackled as he talks to three women about the mental health aspect of living with visible skin diseases. In the BSF news feature, Clinical Psychologist, Professor Andrew Thompson discusses why more services are needed to support the mental health side of skin problems. Consultant Dermatologist, Dr Anjali Mahto examines how online misinformation is dangerous and exploitative for people with skin issues seeking a quick fix.

With thanks to Amyrt Pharma, AbbVie, GAMA Healthcare, Gillette, Sanex, Skin Analytics, Thornton & Ross, UCB, Vichy and WaterWipes. We’d also like to thank those who shared their skin stories and the professors, doctors and experts for sharing their knowledge.

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