January 2024

Major Boost for Skin Health: £200,000 donation fuels research and improves lives.

The British Skin Foundation is pleased to announce a generous donation of £200,000 from the Skin Health Alliance. This donation reinforces their ongoing commitment to supporting innovations in skin health research.

James Stalley, Executive Director - Strategy, Operation & Partnerships at the Skin Health Alliance, expressed the organisation’s dedication, stating:

The Skin Health Alliance is a non-profit devoted to championing the fight against skin disease and cancer through research support. Our dedication translates into tangible action, with over £1.8 million donated to date, making a substantial impact in the field of skin health research.

                                                                       photo of a man                                                                                                                 

In addition to this, the SHA appreciated the significance of acknowledging the growing recognition of the link between our skin and mind. James stated,

We have formally requested that half of the donation be specifically allocated to research projects in psychodermatology. We are hugely excited about the potential outcomes and the positive impact on advancing our understanding of skin health.

Phil Brady, British Skin Foundation’s Chief Operating Officer says,

This donation will play a huge part in funding quality research to improve the lives of those with skin conditions worldwide.

This fantastic donation underscores the Skin Health Alliance’s fundamental support in groundbreaking research that contributes to the overall well-being of individuals affected by skin conditions. 

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