January 2022

Donation from the Skin Health Alliance

The British Skin Foundation is delighted to accept £185,000 in donations from dermatological accreditation organisation the Skin Health Alliance. The generous donation will be put towards research into a variety of skin diseases, including skin cancer.

The Skin Health Alliance awards professional, dermatological accreditation to products, services, and brands around the world. This accreditation reassures consumers that the products have been independently verified as skin safe.

James Stalley, Skin Health Alliance Director of Business Development explains,

Considering the circumstances we have all been facing, 2021 has been another great year working with our partnership brands and dermatologists. Without their commitment to skin health and continued support, these sizable annual donations simply would not be possible.

The kind donation will go a long way in helping to find treatment and cures for skin conditions.

Eleanor Lloyd, British Skin Foundation spokesperson comments,

As a charity, we are completely reliant on donations and so the support we receive from organisations like the Skin Health Alliance is invaluable to us. We are hugely grateful to receive generous donations that allow us to continue supporting pioneering and lifesaving research.

Donate to skin disease and skin cancer research   For other ways to support our research

By donating to skin disease research you are helping us to find treatments and cures for common conditions like eczema, acne and psoriasis through to potential killers like melanoma skin cancer. Thank you.