February 2024

‘Shaping the Future of Cancer Care’ sheds light on collective commitment to raise awareness and improve lives – in recognition of World Cancer Day 2024.

The British Skin Foundation and ITN Business collaborate with key thought leaders to highlight key work in the fight against cancer this World Cancer Day. 

The British Skin Foundation and ITN Business are proud to present Shaping the Future of Cancer Care, a news-style programme presented by Simon Thomas from the ITN London studio, launching on 4th February 2024 in recognition of World Cancer Day.

*With millions affected by cancer every year globally, and one person diagnosed at least every 90 seconds in the UK, World Cancer Day is a symbol of unity. Shaping the Future of Cancer Care highlights how we are making strides against cancer, showcasing hope and progress.

The programme features a special report about British Skin Foundation-funded research by a female-led team from Newcastle University. The pioneering AMBLor test offers reassurance for patients diagnosed with an early-stage melanoma by identifying those who are at low risk of the disease reoccurring or spreading.

Matthew Patey OBE, Chief Executive Officer at the British Skin Foundation says:

The British Skin Foundation is proud to showcase the vital work from the University of Newcastle team, alongside other inspirational organisations featured in the programme.

Watch the programme here: 

The programme features interviews with many other leading charities, as well as the British Skin Foundation.

View the full programme here. 

Cancer Research UK supports research into all aspects of cancer through the work of over 4,000 scientists, doctors, and nurses. In the programme Simon Thomas interview’s its CEO, Michelle Mitchell OBE, who discusses how the pioneering work into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer has helped save millions of lives. 

Raising awareness around the symptoms and importance of early diagnosis of Bowel Cancer is Genevieve Edwards, the Chief Executive of Bowel Cancer UK. 

With the rapid advancements in cancer treatment and care, the programme features an exclusive report about how Macmillan Cancer Support is responding in 2024. ITN reporter, Nick Thatcher speaks with key leaders at Macmillan. 

Prostate Cancer UK is actively raising awareness within Black communities nationwide to ensure they understand their heightened risk. The programme features an interview with Nick Ridgman, Head of Health Information & Clinical Support at Prostate Cancer UK, and Samuel Nelson, who was diagnosed with prostate cancer in his fifties. 

Young Lives vs Cancer is the sole UK charity offering tailored support to children, young people, and their families through dedicated social workers. Rachel Kirby-Rider, the charity's Chief Executive, discusses the profound impact of cancer on young lives and the crucial need for support.

The programme also features sponsored editorial profiles from the following organisations:

• Accord Healthcare demonstrates its commitment to raising awareness and emphasising innovative approaches, through bringing new medicines to market and repurposing medicines to allow new patients to benefit from existing treatments in cancer care.

• Genesis Care highlights its commitment to developing and delivering innovative, proven, and tailored treatments which prioritise patient care from a holistic point of view, delivering lower risks, fewer side effects, and quicker, more effective treatments.

• The Binding Site part of Thermo Fisher Scientific is working to raise awareness of Multiple Myeloma, also known as Myeloma, a type of blood cancer, which accounts for 15% of blood cancers in the UK. 

Head of ITN Business, Nina Harrison-Bell said:

With so many people affected by cancer, this has been a really important and poignant programme to produce and by sharing content from the leading cancer medical experts, organisations and charities, we aim to raise awareness of cancer in all its forms, celebrate the pioneering work being done in the field and share hope for a world without cancer.

Shaping the Future of Cancer Care will premiere online on the ITN Business Hub on Sunday 4th February 2024. The programme features news items, sponsored editorial profiles and thought-leader interviews, and will be supported by a digital marketing campaign raising awareness of the programme and themes. 

View the full programme here. 

*Cancer Research UK
**Macmillan Cancer Support 

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