Corporate partnerships

As one of the UK’s leading supporters of skin disease research, the British Skin Foundation offers brand accreditation to companies and brands who wish to ensure their products are not detrimental to user’s skin health and to be able to communicate that to existing and potential customers.  

Accreditation takes the form of an independent review of the research compiled by companies. This review is led by a professional panel made up of at least two independent BSF consultant dermatologists one of which will be an expert from within the field of study.

On the basis of the information shared, the BSF panel will then decide whether to recognise that a product fulfils its stated objectives and that every measure is taken to ensure it is not harmful to users or detrimental to skin health.

British Skin Foundation accreditation is not an endorsement of efficacy or an indicator of market leadership; however, from research conducted we are aware that our accreditation is highly regarded and respected by the public.

Brand accreditation is a valuable income stream for the British Skin Foundation and provides a way for us to carry out our core aim of funding research into skin disease and skin cancer. By gaining brand accreditation from the BSF, companies demonstrate to customers that they are passionate about producing high-quality products and services in addition to the fact they are helping to fund vital research to fight skin disease and skin cancer.

If your company is keen to find out more about brand accreditation from the British Skin Foundation please contact [email protected]