As a charity that funds skin disease research, the British Skin Foundation (BSF) is occasionally approached by organisations looking to ensure their products are not detrimental to skin health. We may also be approached to confirm that educational materials contain accurate and informative information.

When this happens, the BSF undertakes an independent review of the research behind the given products, or the information supplied. The review is voluntarily led by a panel of expert consultant dermatologists and scientists who generously donate their time to the charity.

Brands may be permitted to use the BSF logo to highlight that their product(s) are not harmful to skin health if the information they supply supports this, as agreed by our expert panel. They must demonstrate that every possible step has been taken to ensure its products are not damaging to skin health, and that any educational information is factually correct. 

Whilst the BSF and its dermatologists undertake these reviews voluntarily, many of the brands concerned choose to support our charitable aims by donating to our skin disease research programme.

If your organisation would like to find out more about an independent research review by the BSF, please contact