To be in with a chance of winning the top accolade of Battle of the DermSocs Champions 2022/2023 you need to ensure your funds are with us and displayed on your fundraising page by Midnight on Friday 16th June 2023, funds received after this will not be counted towards your final total (but will still be greatly appreciated).

We realise that universities may have different rules for raising funds for charities on their sites, so it is best to check with your institution before you begin your fundraising.

Offline Donations 

If your university states they must hold all funds until you have completed your fundraising, please add the funds you have raised as an 'Offline Donation' on your fundraising page. 

If you generate cash offline donations i.e through a cake sale simply visit your bank, pay in your funds and then ‘make a donation' to your fundraising page.


If you have cheques please complete a donation form, make your cheque payable to 'British Skin Foundation' and send both to:

British Skin Foundation, 4 Fitzroy Square, London, W1T 5HQ

Remember to include your team’s details and how you raised the funds so we can add the amount to your fundraising page.

Bank Transfer

We understand that many universities and institutions will hold the funds you raise throughout the academic year. If you need to send us your funds via BACS or have any questions regarding donating to the BSF, please contact 020 7391 6341 or email [email protected] for further information. 

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