Find out more about our Battle of the DermSocs 2020/21 ambassadors...

Dr Ewa Kloczko & Dr Sukhjit Dhariwal

Battle of the DermSocs (BOTDS) is a national annual fundraising competition initiative for medical students co-founded by two Dermatology trainee’s Dr Ewa Kloczko and Dr Sukhjit (Sukhi) Dhariwal in August 2018. 

Ewa studied at University College London medical school and is currently a Dermatology trainee in Edinburgh. Sukhi studied at Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry and is now a Dermatology trainee in the West Midlands. 

Ewa and Sukhi’s aim was to develop a healthy competition encouraging all medical students in the United Kingdom with an interest in dermatology to participate. Medical students are encouraged to build on their leadership, management, and teamwork skills by organising fundraising events for British Skin Foundation (BSF) whilst also increasing awareness of skin conditions to other students and the general public. Ewa and Sukhi are strong believers that leaders are not born in a lecture hall but made in practice. 

We are both extremely proud of all the talented medical students that have contributed to BOTDS so far and we look forward to the following years to come. 

Dr Manpreet Sagoo

Dr Manpreet Sagoo has just completed her two years of foundation training and is now in her first year of Internal Medicine Training (IMT) in London. She graduated from King’s College London where she was the President of the Dermatology Society so she knows about the hard work everyone puts into making their DermSocs a success.

“This is my second year on the BOTDS committee and after seeing the incredible levels of creativity last year, I’m super excited to be working with you all for BOTDS 20/21 to raise as much as we can for the BSF!"

 Dr Giulia Rinaldi

Dr Giulia Rinaldi is an Academic Foundation doctor in London who started her Battle of the Dermsoc Journey at St George's DermSoc back in 2018 when her team won the first BOTDS Champions Prize. She is now one of the BOTDS Ambassadors hoping to instill the same passion for fundraising, event planning, and teaching in fellow DermSoc members.

Her main interests outside medicine are cooking & travelling, with a trip to Central America high on the bucket list!

Dr Olivia Knowles 

Olivia is currently an F1 Doctor in Buckinghamshire.  As part of BL DermSoc whilst at Barts and The London, Olivia took part in BOTDS twice and hugely enjoyed fundraising for such a worthy cause. She was a part of the BL DermSoc committee for 3 years as 'Event Organiser’,  ‘Society President' and finally 'Fundraising Rep’. 

I am new to the BOTDS team and really excited to be a part of helping organise this amazing movement.

 Dr Yasmin Nikookam

Dr Yasmin Nikookam is currently an F1 Doctor in East London and a newly appointed BOTDS ambassador. She graduated from the University of Birmingham, where she was part of the Dermatology Society for 3 years as 'Intercalation Representative', 'Events Organiser', and finally 'Co-President' where her team won the BOTDS Champions Prize in 2020/21.

Following on from her time taking part in BOTDS, as an ambassador, she hopes to mentor DermSoc members in their fundraising ideas, organising events, and contribute to the BOTDS social media content creation.'

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